FRIGID® Streamliner Mobile Stand and Casket Carrier

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FRIGID Streamliner Mobile Stand and Casket Carrier

The Streamliner is designed to work best when paired with a Frigid casket lowering device with placer set, giving you a
gravesite setup that is both safe and completely mobile.

• The Streamliner enables your setup to remain intact between
• The tow bar is removable, allowing skirting to be attached.
• The Streamliner will relieve strain on the pallbearers’ backs,
while two wheel brakes and wheel locks ensure that each
burial takes place without mishap.
• Consistent use of the Streamliner Mobile Stand & Casket
Carrier will lengthen the life of your Frigid lowering device by
protecting it from drops and other accidents.
• The Streamliner ships complete with tow bar and one pair
of steel channels. The drape comes in three colors and is
available at an extra charge.
• Oversize option available. Frame is 6 inches wider to
accommodate the Master Oversize device.

Dimensions: 112” x 53” x 23” / (284.5 x 134.6 x 58.4 cm)
Weight: 420 lbs / (191 kg)
Max load bearing: 1000 lbs / (453 kg)
Regular Frigid Streamliner
Oversized Frigid Streamliner
Green single-faced drape for Streamliner
Canvas Cover for Streamliner

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