All items are F.O.B. factory. Customer is responsible for examination of goods upon receipt for any shortages, product damage, and/or packing damage prior to signing common carrier manifest. Any hidden shortages/damage must be reported to common carrier ASAP (less than 18 hours). Leave carton intact and save all packing materials for common carrier inspection. ACS is to be notified immediately (less than 18 hours). Shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility unless otherwise noted. Returns require pre-authorization from American Cemetery Supplies, Inc. to be accepted and may be subject to a re-stocking fee. Custom goods are non-returnable. Accounts not paid to terms are subject to 1.5% interest per month. Accounts over 120 days subject to 25% collection cost.

Prices subject to change without notice.





 Delivery Appointment: Advance notice of a shipment. An employee from the contracted carrier will contact you in advance of delivery and will give you a time frame. They may ask: “do you have a loading dock?” or “do you have a forklift?” If you say “no” the assumption is that you need Liftgate Service, and one may be added. If you don’t need the liftgate, respond with “we have equipment and personnel to take the freight from the truck-the lift gate is not required”. If you are unsure of what is being delivered, ask the caller if they can identify the contents or the shipper. Then call us. If it’s an order we had shipped to you, we will follow up and advise you on what steps to take. Never ignore or delay returning a call for a delivery appointment or storage fees may apply. Storage fees: Accrue starting 1-3 days after the first call is made if you can’t be reached. These fees can range from $50 to $200 per day.


Liftgate Service: The driver is responsible only for getting the freight to the back end of the truck. You are responsible for taking it off and you have a limited time frame in which to do so-between 15 and 30 minutes for a single skid under 500#. If you need assistance, please say so when you place your order, and we will order liftgate service in advance at the best rate available. If you authorize the liftgate at delivery, those extra charges are added to the existing freight charges and can range from $35-$150. Should a driver insist on using the liftgate when you didn’t request it, sign the delivery receipt “Liftgate not requested or approved, insisted on by driver”.

 Inside Delivery: If the driver brings your shipment inside your facility, there is an additional $200 or more added to the freight charges.

 Inspect the shipment immediately: Before signing for your delivery, inspect the shipment for signs of rough handling. If the container shows signs of damage or shrink wrap appears to be frayed, worn or dirty, take pictures of the shipment and sign the delivery receipt “possible damages/ loss”. Should you find damage or loss after opening your merchandise, again, take pictures and forward to us. If the shipment shows signs of extensive damage, either unload it and inspect in front of the driver or refuse the shipment.


Delivery Receipt: Is a legal and binding contract between you and the freight lineRead it carefully and verify that the information stated on the delivery receipt matches what you’re seeing before you sign it. Once you have signed this document, the freight carrier is relieved of any future responsibility towards that freight except what was notated on the delivery receipt. The delivery receipt is the only method of recourse should your merchandise be damaged or lost. If you (or your employee) signs this document without notating any damage or loss, the shipment is considered to be “received in good order” and may eliminate the ability to file a successful damage/loss claim.

Please share this information with your employees. If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.