FERNO® Model 101-H Hydraulic Operating Table

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FERNO Model 101-H Hydraulic Operating Table

Allows quick height and angle adjustments using the three foot pedals. Either end of the table may be raised or lowered to any position between 28½" and 40½" above the floor for easy preparation from a standing or sitting position. The table top is convex to drain fluids away from the body and an extra-deep trough runs the perimeter of the table, reducing the need for splash guards. A drain in the center of the foot end quickly eliminates fluids from the tableFour 8" swivel wheels lock instantly with a single foot pedal or one set of wheels locks directionally for easy rolling. Type 304 stainless steel with a 3 finish ensures easy maintenance and a solid surface base eliminates crevices where liquids can accumulate.


• Three foot pedals for quick height and angle adjustments
• Convex table top to drain fluids away from body
• Extra-deep trough reduces need for splash guards
• Center drain at foot end to eliminate fluids
• Four wheels lock instantly with a single foot pedal
• 304 stainless steel ensure’s ease of maintenance


  • Four 8" Swivel Wheels
  • Three Foot Pedals
  • Multiple Positions
  • Drain


Weight: 158 lb
Load Limit: 600 lb
Width: 30 in
Height: 40.5 in
Length: 80 in