Large Castor Cemetery Church Truck

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Large Castor Cemetery Church Truck

Easy to clean our Large Caster Cemetery Church Truck is designed in sturdy aluminum tubing that is coated with a glossy anodized finish to ensure that it always looks shiny and new. It is ideal for use at the cemetery as well as the church. It has 8" pneumatic wheels that make it easy to maneuver over turf and rough terrain. Without a casket, there is a built-in center handle that allows for the truck to be pushed, pulled, or carried.

This truck locks into four different positions for a variety of caskets to be displayed. It is offered in bronze, silver, and gold color.


  • 8” pneumatic tires with two-wheel locks
  • Locks in 4 different positions
  • Stable x-frame undercarriage and 8 rubber rests
  • Foldable Side Handles
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Max. Load Capacity: 1000
  • Limited Time- Free Storage Cover


  • 1st locking position :27 × 29  (L × H)
  • 2nd locking position:51 × 26  (L × H)
  • 3rd locking position:62.5 × 22.5  (L × H)
  • Folding size(L × H):6.3 × 31.5  (L × H)
  • Bearing load: 1000 lbs