Hill and Lawn Cemetery Tent with Sun Roof Extension

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Sun Roof Extension

The Sun Roof Extension is scalloped and bound with the same care as the valance of the tent.  The frame of the Sun Roof Extension is a continuation of the tent. Two corner posts with hinged arms fasten to the tent and to themselves. Two lateral braces which run from the side rail of the tent to the outside rail of the Sun Roof Extension support the canopy top.  The Sun Roof Extension is much stronger than the awning wall and more suited to winter weather.  


Specifications For a Deluxe Top:
● Lock Stitching on All Seams
● Hooks & Straps -OR- All Straps
● Hand pulls in each of the four corners
● Leather reinforcements in each corner and the top
● Steel plate sewn into the inside center
● Four Bargards
● One set Guy Ropes
● One Tent Bag
● Tops and Frames are 15' x 15'


● Heavy Duty Aluminum OR
● Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel
● Eight Stakes Forged (Points w/Double Head)
● Tent Frame has Casted Corners
● Safety Pin Lock for each rafter
● Thumb Button Side Rail Release

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