BS50-2Plus (Two-Stroke Rammer)

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BS50-2plus, 280 mm ramming shoe (2 stroke rammer)

  • Driven by the exclusive WM80 2-cycle engine with catalytic converter, which was designed and developed by Wacker Neuson specifically for demanding ramming applications
  • Effortless to start
  • The lowest CO-emissions, significantly below all four-cycle engines
  • Maximum convenience when refuelling and always the right mixing ratio: Two separate tanks for fuel and two-cycle oil. One oil tank refuelling suffices for 120 hours of operation. Lockable oil tank cap available as an accessory.
  • Thanks to the automatic injection, always the optimal combustion and maximum performance
  • Automatic shutdown of the engine after 10 minutes at idle in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • Specially designed and developed 4-stage air filter system provides for longer operating time and greater durability
  • With operating hours counter
  • Compact dimensions, therefore very manoeuvrable and easy to handle
  • Very good gradeability
  • High performance, maximum jump height and impact force
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