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Vault Elements
Vault Lowering Device


Schneider Vault Lowering Device

Schneider Vault Lowering Device manufactured by ACS can be easily transported,
set-up and lower a vault safely and efficiently. By changing out the T-rails you can lower concrete vaults or metal vaults with ease and precision. Models are available stainless steel or painted.


50:1 gear ratio browning gears
SS heads with cross over tubes
Cast aluminum cable drums
3/16” or ¼” aircraft cables
Casket adapters


Schneider Vault Lowering Device Crank
Schneider Vault Lowering Device Cables – 25’ 3/16” shipped with all models; ¼”
is available. (Sold in pairs)
Vault Lowering Device Head Covers (set of 4)

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Bob Kart Vault Dolly

Bobkart Vault Dolly

Bobkart Vault Dolly is built to last by people who use them. This piece of equipment will carry 3000 pounds up a 30 degree incline. All components are accessible with a full, removable tread plate deck and a heavy 140 pound Mig. welded frame.


7 x 30 vulcanized rollers for smooth floatation
1 ¼” axle with #60 pound roller chain
12 volt DC
Copper wiring, soldered not crimped
Constant duty solenoids, safety disconnect
Crane type control on 10 foot coiled cord


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Manual Dolly

8 Wheel Manual Vault Dolly

8 Wheel Manual Vault Dolly

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Mighty Mac Vault Handler

Mighty Mac Vault Handler

Mighty Mac Vault Handler manufactured by ACS is a compact piece of equipment that will give you many years of dependable service.


13 horsepower electric start Honda engine
Hydraulic drive unit
2 Ton hydraulic winch
15” Tires
2” ball
Surge/Hydraulic brake system

Concrete Vault Lid Placer

Concrete Vault Lid Placer

Concrete Vault Lid Placer is designed to lift lids out of the grave with a hand cranking mechanism.

Setting Compound

Skid Boards

Skid Boards commonly called “Vault Ramps”. These boards are ideal to maneuver a vault dolly or other equipment on and off a truck. The outside shell is made of steel with inside reinforcements. 5 Bar Raised Tread (Tread Plate). Holes are punched in on one end (top) for added traction. 12’ x 10” sold as a pair.

TraxPlus temporary roadway


Heavy-Duty Ground Protection & Access Mats

Be ready for the wet season.
Don't tear up your lawns.
No more plywood!

DD2 for Large Vehicle One Side and Pedestrian One Side or
DD1 for Large Vehicle Both Sides.

Available in Black or White

Many sizes available the most popular are 4' x 8' and 2' x 8'

TraxPlus temporary roadway


TraxPlus forms a temporary roadway for your equipment. Whether you’re driving over a plush lawn or through a rain soaked field TraxPlus will get your equipment in and out without getting stuck and not so much as a footprint left behind.

Available sizes: 32” x 96”, 32” x 120”, 46” x96”, 46” x 120”
Smart Stick Vault Probes

Smart Stick Vault Probes

Smart Stick Vault Probes with slide adapter are our most popular probes. Minimize the time spent locating items and maximize your profits. The 3/8” steel rods used in our probes has been carefully selected. This steel provides the greatest durability and extended use. It resists bending (while remaining flexible) and keeps springing back to it original state longer than other steels. Both the handle and tips are threaded. The heat treated tips are designated to provide a small clearance hole for the shaft. Penetration and withdrawal is performed with ease since the full length of the shaft is not dragging against the ground.

Probes are available in 42” and 72”.


Standard 4 foot Vault Probe

Standard 4’ Vault Probe

Standard 4’ Vault Probe is the most economical way to locate buried items. The 3/8" steel rods used in this probe has been carefully selected. The handle is a 3/4" T bar which provides additional weight and support for easier penetration.

Butyal Tape Seal

Vault Butyl Tape

Vault Butyl Tape is available as a 1” half moon by 20’4” per roll, 5 rolls per case.


Vault Liner Adhesive

Vault Liner Adhesive

Vault Liner Adhesive

Vault Coating

Vault Coatings

Vault Coatings


Hot Melt

Hot Melt

Hot Melt

Black plastic vault handle
Vault Nameplate
Plastic Wreath
Christian Cross
White Roses

Assorted Emblems

Assorted Emblems – Make your vaults more attractive with decorative emblems and name plates. Emblems are made pf polystyrene in a matte finish, which is easier to paint. They are durable and constructed to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the vault lid.

Plastic Vault Handles: Black 50 per box (use website pic.)

Plastic Nameplates: 12” x 5 11/16”, Black, 20 per box

Plastic Wreaths: 11 ¼” x 9 ½”, White, 10 per box

Plastic Crosses: 11” x 6 ¼”, White, 20 per box

Plastic Roses: 16” x 6 ¼”, White, 20 per box

Organizational and Fraternal Emblems are also available

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American Cemetery Supplies is a full service source for Burial Vault, Cemetery, and Funeral Home companies of all sizes, supplying all essential death care industry needs. As a team we are committed to customer satisfaction regularly monitoring cost of goods along with overhead to provide the lowest possible price in the industry.

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