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Monument Provisions
Setting Compound

Setting Compound

Setting Compound is the only grade needed for use during any season. Keep container sealed and store in a cool place for contents to remain pliable. Four colors are available in gallons and quarts.

#214G Gallon Light Grey #214Q Quart Light Grey
#390G Gallon Dark Grey #390Q Quart Dark Grey
#108G Gallon White #108Q Quart White
#111G Gallon Mahogany #111Q Quart Mahogany

(Use White or Light Grey for marble)

This product is not an adhesive.

Sold per each or case of 4 for gallons, case of 6 for quarts

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Nylon Slings

Nylon Slings

White Nylon Poly Stone Handling Webbing that has a cotton face on the inside. 5' Hanging Length is the most common size/type used. This is for a pair of slings only; the yoke must be purchased separately. It is a "continuous Loop Sling" which is endless by an overlap joint. A pair of 4" heavy-duty slings has a safe work load of 8,000 lbs. Tagged OSHA approved when you receive them.


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Sling Yoke with shackles and rollers

Sling Yoke with shackles & Rollers

Width is 15" between center of the slings. Made for slings up to 4-1/2' wide. Slings not included. Weight 34 lbs.

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Roller belt sling shackle

Roller Belt Sling Shackle

1" Diameter - 4 Roller. This style has a frame built over the top and is sturdier than in the past although it does need an additional 4" for clearance. About 32" long made for slings up to 4-1/2" wide. Slings not included.

Monument Liftall

Monument "Liftall"

Monument Liftall Capacity 2500 lbs. Weight 47 lbs. For monuments only, 3-1/2" to 15" thick. Rubber squeezes out through plastic cushions; monument will drop in the hold about 1/8" as it grabs it. THis works with almost any stone except Chinese Black because of the coating. Ships UPS.

Monument Hand Truck

Monument Hand Trucks

#85250 with Casters and Brake

#85253 without Casters or Brake

Memorial placer lifter Memorial Placer/Lifter

One man can pick up memorial for removal and transport to enable fill in or leveling. Set tongs 3" from edges of base and top on turf with rawhide maul for no damage to turf. Self adjusting tongs fit most bases. Tires included.

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